On the road again…

It’s Friday. For many in the west Friday is a day of preparation. Preparation to kick back and enjoy the weekend. Songs that raise this day of the week to near holiday status have been sung by the working weary for ages. For me, it’s another day. Not because I have to work weekends. But, all of the days just kind of blur together. However, this Friday is a tad different. I will be flying to San Diego to help my daughter move. Now, going to southern California, where it’s forecast to be in the low 60’s sounds great to someone living where it’s currently about 17 degrees with a forecast high of about 21. Gotta luv winter…not.
Anyway, I will be away for several days traveling. If I can find a spot where there’s wifi I will try to get to this blog and update. But, if not, I will be back sometime next week.
To any who happen to actually visit here, God’s blessings on you!


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