Politics as usual, or words from a brother?

I just had the opportunity to read a speech delivered by Pres. Obama at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast. The speech was filled with words that were directed at the audience. It was in a style that those present would expect and appreciate. It also contained its share of politics. The president is in an election year and did not miss this opportunity to promote his policies. Hey, it’s part of the package.
But, I was deeply impressed at his understanding of values that are embraced by people of varied and diverse faith communities. As the leader of a pluralistic society in a post-modern culture, I think he did a very good job. The speech was not condemning, it was inclusive. It did not alienate any faith community, but praised each. Actually, I was surprised at his apparent candor and transparency about his own faith. Again, I take some with a rather large grain of salt. A politician is still, well, a politician. However, with the hate and vitriol spewing from some others engaged in this year of choice, President Obama’s words were a stark and refreshing contrast. Some folks may not care for his policies, but I don’t think that I can question his values and concerns for everyone, including “the least of these.”
Here is a link to the speech:


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