What’s the use?

A couple evenings back I met with my spiritual director. We meet about once a month. I tell him what I’m experiencing and thinking. He gives a different perspective on that which usually challenges me. This week I shared how I am moving toward a more unified view of humans. We in the West have inherited a Platonic dualism that affects pretty much everything we do, including relate to Yahweh. We perform mental and theological gymnastics that allow us to separate ourselves into various compartments. I guess that helps some people organize their lives. But, as I read scripture, I see a more in a more Semitic way. God formed humans and breathed the Ruach Elohim into them. They became living souls. Not living dust and breath. Anyway, I digress. As we were talking I told him that I was finding it increasingly easy to see Yahweh’s love as it is directed toward me. I don’t see God keeping a running tally of my many shortcomings and mistakes. For anyone out there who knows me, that would be a very long list. Rather, I am coming to realize that God knows what I’m made of. I’m dust. God is not surprised when I act like dust. I see God smiling at me as I try to come alongside the Spirit and cooperate. My feeble attempts amuse the Almighty. So, my director’s response to this was to ask if there was any way that I could see God writing, not a list of sin and mistakes, but a love letter to me. I had to stop a moment, but I said ‘yes.’ He then challenged me to take this to God in prayer.
I did that. And, I felt God’s smile. I confessed to Yahweh that I could not understand why I had been chosen out of the billions of souls on this planet. God’s response? “So that you can enjoy Me.”
Not so that my sins would be forgiven, even though that’s true. Not so that I can preach and teach. Not so that I can live a godly life. But, so that I can enjoy God. I can experience God’s love and acceptance. I can, in a word, be free to love God and God’s very good creation.
Thank you, Yahweh!


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